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Minneapolis Moline....a brief history

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John McLucas

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 12, 2005 8:17 pm    Post subject: Minneapolis Moline....a brief history Reply with quote

A Brief History of
Minneapolis-Moline Models
by John McLucas

The Minneapolis-Moline Power Implement Company was formed in 1929 when three farm equipment companies merged. These were:
1. The Moline Plow Company
2. The Minneapolis Threshing Machine Company; and
3. The Minneapolis Steel and Machinery Company.
After the merger development was begun on the M-M line of tractors known as the Minneapolis-Moline prairie gold "letter" models, R, Z, U, & G. These took several years to bring to market. However from 1929 until 1936 the new company did continue to produce tractors previously developed by both the MTM and MS&M companies. These were marketed as the Minneapolis and the Twin City lines, bearing both the Twin City and Minneapolis names. M-M did not market any tractors previously sold by the Moline Plow Company.
The Minneapolis line after the merger consisted of the mostly large and heavy 17-30 at 6,800 lbs, 27-42 at 8,300 lbs, and 39-57 at 10,000 lbs. The Minneapolis line was closed out by the new Minneapolis-Moline Company after existing stocks were sold.
From the 1929 merger and through the mid 1930s, the M-M Twin City line consisted of the K-T, 17-28, 21-32, and the 27-42. From 1930 to 1936 the smaller row-crop tractors were gaining popularity. The models offered were the MT, KT-A, FT-A, JT, YT, and the Universal J sold as the MM Twin Cities line.
From 1936 until the 1950s the Minneapolis-Moline prairie gold "letter" models R, Z, U, & G, were sold as the Visionlined series. These were replaced by the Powerline series: 335, 1956-61; 445, 1956-59; and Five Star 1957-61. Next came the Jet Star, 1959-62; Four Star, 1959-64; Jet Star 2, 1963; Jet Star 3, 1964-70; the M-5, 1960-64; M-504, 1962-63; M-602 & M-604, 1963-64; the M-670 and the U-302, 1964-70. The large six cylinder M-M G series tractors included the G-VI, 1959-62; G-704, 1962-64; G-705, & G-706, 1962-65; G707 & G-708, 1965; G-1000, 1965-69; G-900 and G-1000 Vista, 1967-69; the G-950, G-1050 & G-1350, 1969-71; G-1355, 1972-73; and G-955, 1973.
The large four wheel drive articulated-steering M-M tractors were the A4T-1400, 1969-70; and the A4T-1600, 1970-72.
In 1951 M-M purchased the BF Avery company and began selling the M-M models V, a one plow tractor; and the BF, and BG which were one row two plow tractors. All were principally Avery tractors painted in the M-M prairie gold color and sold as M-M. Also the Uni-Tractor was designed, built, and marketed by M-M from 1951-62.
The White Motor Company purchased Oliver Farm Equipment Corp. in 1960, Cockshutt Farm Equipment Corp. in 1962, and Minneapolis-Moline in 1963. After the purchases, White began consolidating production of the tractor brands and sold the following four Oliver models as both Oliver and M-M with the only difference being the paint color, decals, and grill. These were Oliver tractors painted MM energy yellow and decaled M-M. They were Oliver 1555=MM G550; Oliver 1655=MM G750; Oliver 1755=MM G850; and Oliver 1855=MM G940.
White also took large horsepower M-M tractors and sold them as Oliver tractors with Oliver numbers and colors. These were: M-M G950=Oliver 1865; M-M 1050=Oliver 2055; MM-G1350=Oliver 2155; MM-A4T=Oliver 2655. Also the M-M 955=White 1870; M-M 1355=White 2270. From 1969-1973 White sold the mid-sized M-M G350 & MM G450; however, these were imports made by Fiat.
In 1969 the Minneapolis-Moline name began to disappear when White officially merged the three companies and formed White Farm Equipment Company. In the 1970s they began selling tractors under the White brand name. AGCO, a billion dollar corporation, bought White in 1991, and acquired the remaining portion of White-New Idea by 1993. AGCO, whose headquarters is in Duluth, GA continues to produce and market the White line of tractors principally in the mid-west.
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